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Case Study 1


Argon ST is part of Electronic and Mission Systems, Boeing's division recently created to focus on the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) market. Argon ST is the prime contractor to the Navy for providing signals intelligence systems through the SSEE program, and has been building, delivering and testing SSEE Increment F systems since the program transitioned into the production and deployment phase in March 2010. Seeds of Genius’ (Seeds’) recent support of Argon in their US Navy Ships’ Signal Exploitation Equipment Increment E and F program (SSEE) has been ongoing for the past four years.

Size, Scope & Complexity

Within the program’s scope, Seeds delivered a total of 311 delivery orders, over 1750 products of servers, storage, blades, workstations, monitors and other supporting peripherals and related software to support the Navy’s mission. Seeds services include designing, configuring, testing, and deploying the manufacturers’ solutions, which interface directly with the Navy’s SSEE infrastructure. Each delivery order requires configuration, integration, testing, staging, labeling, and shipping to multiple Prime locations.

Seeds’ ability to provide accurate and timely quotes, on-time delivery, product refreshes and help desk services allows Argon to purchase their quality products from a certified EDWOSB business.  This purchasing strategy allows Argon to exceed their federal government mandated small business requirements.

  • Seeds’ dedicated Pre-Sales team assists Argon with their planning efforts in committing to a SSEE solution. Seeds’ deliverables include developing and validating the specifications so that a Quality Control Parts list and engineering drawing can be derived. Once a standardized parts list is created and assigned a Quality Control Parts list number, Argon commits to the SSEE contract the parts list with the assurance that performance, quality, availability, and pricing requirements have all been met.
  • In the Seeds’ 8,260 sq/ft Columbia, MD facility, equipment is unpacked, integrated, imaged, and labeled per the instructions of Argon.  Seeds runs diagnostics and records the output for each of the hardware and image validation tests, including the output with each solution.
  • Seeds’ help desk services result in Argon meeting their program requirements to support their products for eight to ten years, well past the manufacturers’ three year support.

In February of 2012, the U.S. Navy exercised an additional contract option for production and delivery of Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) Increment F systems. The $53 million award to Boeing subsidiary Argon ST is for the second lot of full-rate production (FRP) systems. Under this option, Argon ST will build eight systems over a period of 19 months. Seeds continues to support Argon in these efforts today.

Case Study 1: Download (PDF)