Case Study 2


NELO has continued a seven year business relationship with Seeds because of our high-tech/high-touch approach to executing delivery orders. Through Seeds’ dedicated PM and supply chain team members, NELO experiences the success of their specific missions being translated into technical specifications, bill-of-materials, and services resulting in cost efficient datacenters.

Size, Scope & Complexity

Within NELO’s scope, Seeds has delivered a total of 29 delivery orders and over 1,300 products of servers, storage, blades, workstations, monitors and other supporting peripherals and related software to support the complexity of NELO’s goals. Seeds’ system integration team consistently outperforms all other supporting NELO system integrators on tasks including integration, imaging, tagging, warehousing, and delivery through its highly trained and industry certified engineers.

As a direct result of working with Seeds, NELO is able to execute their secure missions with the most efficient, cost-effective datacenters in this resource constrained environment.

  • Seeds dedicated Pre-Sales team develops and validates technical specifications, bill-of-materials and services as they directly relate to NELO’s mission. With each delivery order, Seeds provides diagrams and technically correct quotes that support NELO’s budgetary requirements and mission.
  • Seeds’ dedicated team members are responsible for NELO’s customer satisfaction and are evaluated on their accurate responsiveness to quote requests, quick delivery of in-stock items, ability to leverage Seeds’ position in the channel to obtain constrained products, and the real-time tracking of all orders from placement to delivery. An example of Seeds extraordinary support efforts are clearly shown their latest delivery order where NELO was not able to accept delivery of their purchased equipment until two months later due to their BRAC move. The dedicated sales teams provided a no-cost coordination to receive, integrate, and store the equipment in Seeds’ warehouse until NELO’s new facilities were complete.
  • NELO augments their maintenance contracts through Seeds’ help desk. In the event of an incident, NELO relies on the Seeds’ help desk to diagnose the problem, open an incident report and track the issue with the manufacturer, ship the parts to Seeds, and dispatch an engineer to conduct repairs. Seeds provides this value added service as no additional cost to NELO, which ensures all components are in compliance with NELO’s EA standards.

Seeds of Genius’ (Seeds’) support of NELO in their classified programs has been ongoing for the past six years.

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