Turnkey Product Solutions

Seeds of Genius Corporation has the partnerships, industry certifications, reseller agreements, and most importantly the technical expertise to deliver customer defined Turnkey Product solutions around the following example technologies with the list constantly growing:

  • Architectures: Open Systems Architecture (OSA)
  • Platforms: Oracle Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows, VMWare vSphere
  • Storage: IBM, Hitachi, EMC, Oracle/Sun, NetAPP, HP-3PAR, SpectraLogic
  • Software: MS Exchange Server, MS Active Directory, IBM Websphere, Business Objects, Veritas, Novell Platespin Suite, Sun Java Web Server, Apache/Tomcat
  • Networking: Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, Citrix
  • Security: RSA, Symantec, Tripwire, SSH, Snort IDS, SSL, Novell Privileged User Manager
  • Backup: Symantec, Legato, Amanda, VMware Consolidated Backup, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Monitoring: Zabbix, MS Performance Monitor, VMware Virtual Center Server
  • Database: Oracle9i, MySQL, Microsoft SQLSVR, PostgreSQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, Cassandra, Google BigTable, Amazon Dynamo

With the Seeds technical engineers testing and certifying our customers' configurations, our clients are assured that the technologies they are procuring and deploying are going to deliver on their business objectives with a supported, certified, and flawlessly executed solution.

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Storage Architecture and Interoperability

With the explosive growth of data driving government and commercial customers alike to adopt newer, more cost-effective approaches to data storage, Seeds has been able to bring our technical expertise to storage networking solutions, such as Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS), which have enabled organizations to deploy large amounts of storage more effectively for use in various application and computing environments.

Our storage solutions offer:

  • Flexibility to scale performance, connectivity, and storage capacity independently and on demand, with no disruption to user operations.
  • Unification of file (NAS) with traditional block (SAN) services.
  • Co-existence of Fibre Channel SAN networking with IP/Ethernet networking allowing the creation of "hybrid" SANs.
  • Enabling heterogeneous, multi-vendor storage support allowing corporations the freedom to choose amongst various vendors and to take advantage of storage networks supporting "class-of-storage" deployment models.
  • Upgradeable platform providing support for both current and emerging storage networking standards - ensuring interoperability with all existing and future standards-based storage and storage networking products.
  • The ability to support advanced storage applications such as storage virtualization, file serving, remote replication, backup and recovery features, capacity on demand, storage security, and so on.
  • Management tools for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining all storage services under a common management umbrella.

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Thin Client Computing Model

Throughout the government, mangers of sensitive military, intelligence or law enforcement networks are now protecting data more securely from hackers, intruders and tourists with the help of thin client technology.

The thin client technology for Secure Network Access Platforms replaces multiple PC fat clients with a single, ultra thin client front end to provide encrypted access to a secure Sun Ray server, consolidating desktop management and eliminating vulnerability to client-side viruses, worms, and hacker attacks.

Seeds of Genius' certified engineers deliver the following key components for simple and efficient thin client topology:

  • Oracle, HP, Dell and VMWare View Thin Client Desktops
  • Oracle Ray Server on Trusted Solaris Operating System
  • Linux and Microsoft Virtual Desktops available through VNC or RDP connector
  • Secure remote access available

Customers deploying a thin-client model will appreciate not only the vastly improved security of the thin client infrastructure, but also the ROI that comes from reduced management and operating overhead, legacy interoperability, hotdesking capabilities, and the easy system administration and maintenance of the topology.

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Enterprise Architecture

There are a lot of technology solution providers today speaking and writing about Enterprise Architecture; however, most of the time they only address the technological aspects of the Enterprise.

Seeds of Genius' Enterprise Architects are able to address all the aspects of the Enterprise from:

  • Why: Vision, Strategy, Business Objectives, Technology Drivers
  • With Whom: All Collaborating Elements
  • What: Goals and Objective Requirements
  • How: Logical Representation
  • With What: Solution Representation
  • When: Transformational Timelines

Seeds of Genius' Enterprise Architects are not just techies with a blind focus on technology, but experienced people with a broad business and technology vision, able to create Enterprise value by aligning business opportunities and technology possibilities in a holistic manner while adhering to the Extended Enterprise Architecture guidelines.

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Systems Integration

Integrating legacy systems with new and/or heterogeneous configurations allows Seeds customers to maximize functionality while enjoying significant cost savings derived from increased utilization.

Seeds Engineers provide capabilities ranging from integrated resource management functions to database integration, clustering services, security, workload management, and problem determination – with different platforms from AIX to Solaris to HP-UX to Linux to Windows NT/XP to the mainframe.

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Help Desk

Seeds of Genius can provide a 24x7 technical support help desk services to our customers currently running our solutions as well as to new customers looking to add a help-desk solution.

Our engineers are trained and certified in VMware ESX/vSphere, MS Windows 2003/2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and the Veritas suite, among many others. Essentially, our help desk is a central point through which problems and issues are reported and subsequently managed to bring together multiple resources to address interoperability and compatibility issues.

The Enterprise Architecture of today is plagued with the complexity of multiple vendors and heterogeneous environments all trying to communicate. While most help desk services offer customers the ability to pay for specific levels of services, measured by factors such as availability, transaction system performance, and the length of time to respond to specific classes of problems, Seeds of Genius takes the typical help desk services to a higher standard. To exceed on all SLA promises, Seeds of Genius has adopted two key strategies.

First, we implemented a set of enterprise-wide system management services based on standardized IT infrastructures and we ensure that the solutions sold to customers adhere to these standards. Secondly, our help desk is equipped with each of these standardized IT infrastructures so that we can perform problem replication and ensure that the cross-platform solutions we provide through our help desk are accurate, tested, and supported. Seeds of Genius has built a global help desk solution capable of serving tens of thousands of users around the clock.

Our help desk solution is built on a powerful vision of industry standards, customer service, and strong partnerships with industry leaders including Oracle, VMware, Symantec, Novell, Red Hat, Hitachi, EMC, Microsoft, and more.

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